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COVID-19 Patient Information


Patient Update

Due to the current pandemic, Mav Movements has cancelled ALL face-to-face clinic appointments as from Monday 23rd March, 2020. The health and safety of our patients is of the utmost importance to us. 

Our plan of action may change on a week-by-week basis as the situation and government guidelines change. We thank you for your support and patience during these unprecedented times.

At present, the current plan is to deliver all Physiotherapy sessions virtually/remotely via telephone calls and/or video conference consultations. This is the case for both new and follow-up patients. More information can be found below.

Helping the Community with Free Physiotherapy

Due to the lockdown, people may undertake activities within their home which are not in their normal daily routine. This inevitably increases the risk of people acquiring musculoskeletal injuries and thus requiring Physiotherapy. The challenge is that Physiotherapy clinics are closed due to social distancing which can result in an increased burden on GPs as well as patients not being able to easily access the treatment that they need. 

GPs and hospitals are working extremely hard to assess and treat patients as effectively as they can, however their capacity is also limited. 

To help the community, Mav Movements Physiotherapy is offering a free triage service to ease the demand on GPs and hospitals, and to offer the community the support that it needs at this difficult time. 

To see how the triage and virtual Physiotherapy work see the below section on Triage & Virtual Physiotherapy.

Further self-management advice and exercise for various musculoskeletal injuries/conditions can be found on The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) website:

Triage & Virtual Physiotherapy

Patients will be triaged by a telephone call and then set up for a free virtual Physiotherapy appointment. Within this appointment, the patient will be assessed, diagnosed and given advice on their problem, as well as a tailored home exercise programme, to allow them to self-manage.

The recent virtual Physiotherapy trial and appointments have proven a great success. Head over to our Facebook or Instagram pages to view patient feedback videos. 

If patients require further Physiotherapy then this is also offered at a discounted rate of £15 per session. Telephone and video consultation slots will be up to 20 mins in duration.

Video appointments can be organised via an App called Zoom. Zoom is very user-friendly and the Physiotherapy session can be accessed through a link provided on your desktops, Androids and iPhones. If you are unable to use Zoom then sessions can take place over Skype or WhatsApp video.

Once your appointment is booked, you will be emailed a Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment Consent form to sign and return. The Physiotherapist will then send a video invitation link to you via SMS, WhatsApp or email so you can access the Physiotherapy session.

After your treatment session you will be sent your exercises via SMS/WhatsApp or email.

Details of Zoom GDPR compliance can be found on the link below:


More information on using technology, privacy and confidentiality can be found in our FAQ's

What are the benefits of virtual Physiotherapy?

There are many!

1. Face-to-face interaction with a qualified Physiotherapist from the comfort of your own home

2. Assessment of your symptoms can be done by:

  • Collecting a detailed history just by listening to you
  • Completing a physical examination by analysing your movements and asking you to perform certain clinical tests with the Physiotherapist’s verbal instructions, such as testing your own strength . More information can be found in our FAQ's

3. Diagnosis can be made (in most cases a Physiotherapist can formulate a diagnosis based on your history and account of symptoms!)

4. Treatment plan can be provided including:

  • Advice
  • Education
  • Tailored exercise plans

5. Screen-sharing - This clever tool allows you to share the Physiotherapist's computer screen which means you can view images of your exercises/YouTube and Instagram videos of exercises being demonstrated

6. Follow up reviews can be made bi-weekly or weekly

7. Same day appointments can be offered should your symptoms worsen or if you become worried

*Please also note that remote Physiotherapy sessions are supported and guided by our regulatory body, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP):


Contact Us

To make an appointment or just to find out more about how all this works you can contact us via the following:

Phone/SMS/WhatsApp us: 07555 489 189

Email us: info@mavmovements.co.uk

Facebook message us: Mav Movements Physiotherapy

Instagram message us: mavmovementsphysio

Or just simply drop us a line by clicking the tab below



Are my virtual sessions private and confidential?

Yes. Only the person who has the invitation link can join the Zoom video call. There is also a ‘waiting room’ on the Zoom app, which means that nobody else can join the Zoom video call unless they are asked to enter!

What will I be asked to do during a virtual appointment?

Your appointment will start off with a chat. The Therapist will listen to your problems and symptoms and take a detailed history, just like a face-to-face session. You will then be asked to perform certain movements and perhaps some clinical tests with the Physiotherapist’s verbal instructions, such as testing your own strength. The therapist will then talk to you about your management, including your exercise programme and welcome any questions.

Is there anything that cannot be treated virtually?

No. As long as your condition is musculoskeletal (symptoms which involve your muscles, joints, ligaments, nerves or spine), then your Therapist can take a detailed history and give you the most appropriate advice and education. If an exercise programme is relevant then this will be issued too. 

I have health insurance cover; can this fund the private sessions?

  If you have health insurance with:



- Vitality Health


- The Treatment Network (TTN)

- Physiolinks (also known as Premier Medical)

...then the great news is that your sessions can be funded.

Do I need the internet?

Yes. You will need WiFi or mobile data in order to complete the Zoom or WhatsApp video call. If you do not have access to the internet then the free triage appointment can be completed over the telephone, during which you can discuss options for Physiotherapy if needed. 

I lack confidence, can I still have a virtual appointment?

Absolutely! You will be given an easy, step-by-step guide from your Therapist over your initial telephone call. Your Physiotherapist can also help you along during your virtual appointment.


I have problems with vision and/or hearing, can I still do this?

We would suggest using Zoom or Skype if you have any communication needs as this will enable you and your Therapist to type to each other whilst also being able to see each other on the screen. For details of any further accessibility requirements, feel free to discuss this with your Therapist during your triage appointment or by contacting us. We will endeavour to make your appointment as fully accessible as we can.

COVID-19 Reliable Resources


Uncertain times can undoubtedly raise our anxiety levels as we can easily  become influenced by 'fake news' around us. We therefore strongly recommend that you use the following sources for COVID-19 updates:

World Health Organisation: